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Our Core Values

At QX Consultants our core values define not only our company and what we stand for, but also drive the Quality Experience our clients deserve.

  • Improvement and Growth
    QX Consultants seek out better, smarter and more effective ways to serve our clients, striving for continued improvement and growth that results in stronger and more intelligent solutions.
  • Balance
    We value balance between both the functional and technical aspects of a project and balance between outside consultants and client team members.
  • Courage
    Whether through forging relationships within the client site or choosing the most cost-effective approach to your needs, we will always have the courage to tell the truth and provide a trusted, ethical opinion to help our client’s meet—and exceed—their goals.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to ourselves, our internal teams, our clients and our community.  QX Consultants value the work that is done by all, understanding the true team atmosphere that is needed to achieve results.
  • Education
    Knowledge of the industries in which we work and a continued education on the trends and emerging areas of our trade are essential to our ability to provide the best service to our clients.


Deliver Quality, Flexible and Sustainable Experience and Solutions to our Clients.


Project Management; Process Assessment and Design; Process Improvement; Team Work and Team Building; Presentation Skills; Problem Solving; Written and Verbal Communication; Business Case Development; Change Management; Journey Management; Journey Navigation; Energy Trading and Risk Management; Upstream (E&P); Curriculum Design & Development; Learning Training Design; Learning Training Management; Online Help; and SolArc – RightAngle.

Our Founder

Brandy Chisholm has provided quality, success-driven business consulting services to the energy industry for more than a decade. Before forming QX Consultants in 2012, Ms. Chisholm most recently served as a project manager for Opportune Consulting overseeing major business and information technology projects for a wide variety of energy-centric corporations. Prior to joining Opportune, Ms. Chisholm worked with multiple boutique information technology consulting firms as well as with one of the top 5 Global consulting companies, Accenture.

Ms. Chisholm combines experience in trading, scheduling and accounting with expertise in business consulting and organizational change management. She has applied and broadened her skill sets through working with large international energy companies in all aspects of consulting. Her comprehensive understanding of deal structuring, system implementations, business process design and re-engineering, curriculum design & development, learning training design and journey management have afforded Ms. Chisholm the opportunity to lead diverse consulting teams, both in terms of size and scope of engagement. She also excels in forging relationships with individuals across the organizational hierarchy, allowing her to effectively reach all levels of an organization–from the front-line to the boardroom–to provide an array of success-focused consulting services. Ms. Chisholm combines her knowledge of the downstream energy industry, her excellent interpersonal, leadership and organization skills with her exceptional drive, ambition and work ethic.

Brandy holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Auburn University and lives in Houston, TX with her husband and two children.